Jesse Winter is a New York City based photographer with an eye for distinctive visuals.  Working largely in the realm of portrait photography, his work extends across many genres including editorial, documentary, commercial and environmental. Jesse’s mission is to discover the spirit of whomever he is photographing, whether they are a famous artist, a friend, a stranger, or a model. 

His style blends classical portraiture with a modern sensibility to make balanced compositions that are naturalistic. For Jesse this means getting the technical process to merge with the inspirational, letting what is true be discovered while keeping the project consistent with the client’s creative goals. His work integrates the spontaneity of verité with the control of technique. 

Equally important to Jesse is a commitment to the power of community. He has contributed non-profit work to Flashes of Hope, Lupus Foundation, Harlem Village Academies and Doctors Without Borders and actively engages projects that also build a sense of community.

A native of Ithaca, New York, Jesse is a graduate of Earlham College in Indiana and holds a BFA in Photo Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He is the owner of TEN10 STUDIOS and lives nearby with his wife, Melissa and daughter, Dale.